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25ft wide sinkhole forces three homes to be evacuated in Ripon, North Yorkshire

One home has been damaged and two others evacuated in Ripon, North Yorkshire after a 25ft wide sinkhole opened up at approximately 5:45pm on Monday. It is the latest in a long line of sinkholes appearing all over the country as the bad weather continues.

North Yorkshire Police were called to the scene and carried out house-to-house checks to warn surrounding residents about the problem. Two more homes were evacuated next to the one that had been damaged for safety reasons on Magdalens Close near the city centre.

A Police spokesman told the press, “The affected property and two houses nearby were evacuated and a cordon has been put in place,” a spokesman said”. He also said that there had been no reported injuries.

Fire and ambulance crews attended the scene along with utility and structural engineers. A representative of the emergency services said, “There are no occupiers in the property and a dog has been successfully rescued. Residents from adjacent properties have been evacuated as a precaution.”

Local resident Barry Dyason told the press that houses in the area had been affected by subsidence because of gypsum deposits before but never a sinkhole. He said, “It’s alarming, you see these things reported on television but don’t expect it to happen so close to you.”

The British Geological Survey said that the most susceptible area of the UK for sinkholes was the North-East of England due to the large amount of Permian gypsum deposits in the area; it confirmed that Ripon lies in one of those areas. Gypsum is more soluble than limestone and dissolves more rapidly, it is thought that this may be the cause of this newest sinkhole.

This is the latest in a spate of sinkholes appearing across the UK in recent weeks including a 15ft wide sinkhole that opened up on a driveway in High Wycombe on the 2nd of February, and a similar one that affected the central reservation of the M2 motorway last week.

White lines are gypsum deposits, the sinkhole is covered by a red dot and the yellow line is the proposed Le Tour de France route for July 5th 2014

White lines are gypsum deposits in Ripon, the sinkhole is covered by a red dot and the yellow line is the proposed Le Tour de France route for July 5th 2014


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