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A man confesses on live TV to the rape and murder of a four year old girl

It is a very sad fact that there are some deranged men that appear to take a sadistic pleasure from satisfying their sexual gratification with young children, even infants. We are not aware of the motives of one man, Himmet Akturk, but he has admitted on a live television programme to the rape and murder of a four year old girl in the Alasehir district of western Turkey’s Manisa Province.

The four-year-old Irmak Kupal, went missing while playing outside her home which started a police investigation. This resulted in a wide-ranging search, but it was eventually called off when it was realised that the child had a genetic foot condition which meant that she could not walk far. The investigation then turned to the possibility that Kupal had been kidnapped, but the distraught parents decided to turn for help to a popular television show hosted by Muge Anli. Her show specialises in investigating family dramas by inviting everyone connected to a case to the studio for questioning by the presenter.

During a period of intense questioning from Anli, Himmet Akturk who had agreed to appear on the TV show, finally broke down and admitted being responsible for her death. He was immediately arrested by the police, taken in for questioning, where he allegedly made a full confession reportedly telling police that he raped Irmak, strangled her and then buried the body. He told the police that he had originally taken the body of the girl in his wheelbarrow and dropped it into a public bin. He noticed the next day that the bin had not been emptied, so he removed the body and buried it in a nearby vineyard. Police found the remains a couple of days later.

The district of Alasehir, in ancient and Middle Ages times, was previously known as Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, few, we imagine, would describe the modern district as that today.



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