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A woman loves Marmite so much she eats it for every meal

The marketing slogan for Marmite is that you will “either love it or hate it” for one person ( your correspondent) it is a case of hate, but for Shelly McClellan, 45, she leaves people in no doubt about where she stands, she absolutely loves it, so much so that she even spreads it on pasta as the sauce! Now that is not quite what you will find on your holidays in the food lover’s paradise in Italy, but to Shelley, growing up in Burton on Trent that is of no concern.

Marmite is a product of the brewing industry, salt and yeast, so Burton on Trent, plus it also being the home of Marmite, should give us a clue perhaps, as to why our Marmite loving woman loves the salty product so much that she eats it for every meal, carries a jar in her handbag and licks it off the spoon like a lollipop. Not just content with pasta, Shelley puts it on cereal and tuna and claims that she has eaten thousands of jars in her lifetime and even takes it on holiday with her!

Marmite loving Shelley, who now lives in Hemel Hempstead, has more than vintage 200 jars of the spread, she believes that the collection is worth more than £6,000, including ones from around the world, champagne and Guinness Marmites, t-shirts, socks, fancy dress costumes and cycling gear.

In case you were wondering just how much Shelley, a fulltime carer manages to get through; she is reported to have said that it amounts to a large 500 gram jar every week, either about an inch thick on her bread, or just straight in with the spoon. Not content with adding it to pretty much everything, stew, stocks, and spaghetti bolognaise, she buys 26 Marmite sausages from her local butchers!  Eating the product is not enough for Shelley, she is also the admin for a Marmite collectors group, which has 1600 members and sells and trades all things Marmite.

With all the jars, costumes and other advertising items you could be wondering if Shelley has a rented storage container, no is the answer to that, the Shelly’s house is covered in Marmite canvases, her kitchen has a Marmite shrine and her lounge room has a three feet tall Marmite shop display filled with the jars. The loft of the house is full of boxes, seventeen at the moment, all filled with jars and items. Shelley claims that it is an obsession, well yes we think that we have realised that, but as she said it will not go away!

Just in case you were wondering, Shelley has been married to Stephan, 20years and counting, and according to Shelley is not obsessed with Marmite, but being married to her has learned to like it. Husband and son Ethan think that it is hilarious, well according to Shelley, who even claims her dog likes it! Well Ethan, hold onto your hat because one day all that collection is coming to you, mum things that it’s a brand that’ll always be worth something.

Now Unilever, how about sending a nice truck load of Marmite to your number one fan, she must have nearly bought the company!

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