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Anna Nicole Smith reconnects with bff from beyond the grave to reveal shocking secrets!

Last week marked the 9th Anniversary of Anna Nicole Smith’s sudden passing related to an accidental drug overdose. On this important date, Anna’s former best friend Bobby Trendy sought out the services of famed celebrity physic medium Thomas John after having a series of haunting dreams where he felt Anna was trying to give him messages and re-connect somehow.

So, on the anniversary of her death, at a cost of $1000-an-hour, Bobby and Thomas conducted a reading at Bobby’s house in West Hollywood, California and found out some pretty explosive things.


In the reading, Thomas was able to connect with Anna’s Spirit where she revealed that she is no longer angry with her mother, Virgie, and despite their rocky road together, asked Bobby to pass along a message to Virgie that she had forgiven her. Anna also revealed that she had great difficultly passing over, and though she died in 2007, her Spirit only transitioned to the Other Side about a year ago where she is now with her beloved son now.

But that’s not what was really shocking! The true shocking facts were revealed when Anna’s Spirit told Thomas at the reading that she has hidden money that she is saving for her living daughter, and she will tell her daughter through a dream about them once she is of age. Furthermore, Anna told Thomas that she blames Howard Stern for her death, and feels that he is the one that got all the medications confused; Her Spirit is still not at peace with the fact that Howard did not help her more.


Secret money, grudges, family…. don’t mess with the dead!

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