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Kid Makes Shocking Discovery in Abandoned House Finds Hanging Mummified Body

This type of thing only ever seems to happen in horror movies. A 12 year old boy from Ohio found himself in a house of horrors as he explored an old vacant house in Dayton and discovered a mummified body hanging in a closet from a belt. According to local authorities the body had been there for five years and was identified as 53-year-old Edward Brunton.

Women Admits To Wanking Dolphins

There must be some point during your job where you stop and think “I’m taking this too far”; clearly not for Margaret Howe who back in 1965 was taking part in a NASA lead experiment which aimed to try and teach a Bottlenose Dolphin to speak English.

Woman Attacked by a Crazed High Elf

A woman in Portland, Oregon, USA was shocked when she came under attack in her car from a High Elf. A man dressed in chain mail and helmet, and wielding a sword attacked the woman as she was sat in her BMW. Police were called as originally the woman believed she was under attack by a pirate. However when the police arrived they realised she was mistaken and actually being attacked by an Elf, who had hopped onto her bonnet and started to slash her tyres. (more…)

Shocking Murder of Mother in Huddersfield

A murder inquiry has been launched after the dreadful murder of a mother in Huddersfield. The woman who has not being named was found fatally stabbed at a house in Reinwood Road, Lindley, Huddersfield. Four children we also found injured, with one of the children found suffering from a stab wound and minor injuries for the other 3. Police have arrested a 39-year-old man and is being treated in hospital for serious injuries. (more…)

Brilliant Jay Z and Solange Memes from the Dramatic Lift Attack

The video courtesy of TMZ, caused a storm on the internet after it showed Beyoncé’s sister Solange viciously attacking the 99 Problems singer. In the video, Jay Z is at the end of quite a kicking from the feisty artists who really does seem to have a problem with him. As shocking as this video is, the resulting memes are hilarious. But please note Shocking Times is not condoning domestic violence.

Hilarious One Erection Condoms Causing Problems for One Direction Management

The management behind boy band One Direction are looking to sue the US Company behind One Erection Condoms. The Company has liberally used similar text for their name One Erection and also “Stay ‘UP ALL NIGHT’ to the album cover Up All Night. The condom packaging also features 5 cartoon drawings of condoms which ‘could’ represent the 5 boy band members.

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