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Medical negligence is a real worry for the NHS

It seems that the NHS is never out of the news at the moment, with the ‘Doctors Strike’ leading to thousands of operations being cancelled, and shocking health news hitting the headlines when research revealed at least 340 blunders occur on NHS maternity wards every day and over 300 ‘never events’ happen yearly in UK hospitals.

Woman caught cheating on her husband with Simon Cowell lookalike dwarf

It’s one thing to find out that your wife has been having an affair, but it’s another when you find out the person she is sleeping with is a Simon Cowell lookalike dwarf. Peter Garside told the Sunday Sport that the miniature lookalike, Graham Harding wrecked his marriage with wife Rachel after finding out about the affair.

Canadian gets arrested after flying in garden chair carried by balloons

A Canadian man who tied 100 helium filled balloons to a garden chair and flew over the city of Calgary has been arrested by police and charged with causing mischief. 26 year old Daniel Boria told the police that he planned to parachute off the garden chair and into the Calgary Stampede (a local rodeo event) to promote his cleaning company.

Gang Member Dies Trying To Gold Plate His Testicles

An L.A. gang member has died of lead poisoning after trying to gold plate his testicles to celebrate his 17th birthday. Nazario Conchuza Gonzalez, part of the infamous Ms-13 crime family tried to gold-plate his testicles after he had been given the nickname ‘Pelotas de oro’ which means ‘golden testicles’.

General Election 2015 – What would a coalition child look like?

It’s time to vote in the UK General Election and the possibility of another coalition government seems like a likely outcome, but what would a coalition child look like?

Online voucher code website have been busy imagining what the main party leaders children would look like with some amusing results. Check out the child morphs below: (more…)

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