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Are these the best celebrity beach bodies? Brits choose celebs body parts to create the ultimate beach body

As if you didn’t feel bad enough about your body, has come up with the best combined beach celebrity bodies. As part of their widespread research into all aspects of British life, including body and health issues My Voucher Codes polled both men and women in the UK to find out which British celebrity body parts would make up the ultimate beach body, and some of the answers are startling.

Rik Mayall, British Comedian and Actor, dies aged 56

News has just broken that the famed British comedian and actor Rik Mayall has died at the age of 56. Best known for his comedy work in TV shows The Young Ones and Bottom, with which he starred alongside his comedy partner Adrian Edmondson, his management team announced that he had passed away this morning.

Brilliant Jay Z and Solange Memes from the Dramatic Lift Attack

The video courtesy of TMZ, caused a storm on the internet after it showed Beyoncé’s sister Solange viciously attacking the 99 Problems singer. In the video, Jay Z is at the end of quite a kicking from the feisty artists who really does seem to have a problem with him. As shocking as this video is, the resulting memes are hilarious. But please note Shocking Times is not condoning domestic violence.

Hilarious One Erection Condoms Causing Problems for One Direction Management

The management behind boy band One Direction are looking to sue the US Company behind One Erection Condoms. The Company has liberally used similar text for their name One Erection and also “Stay ‘UP ALL NIGHT’ to the album cover Up All Night. The condom packaging also features 5 cartoon drawings of condoms which ‘could’ represent the 5 boy band members.

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