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Man denies having sex with a Shetland pony

In a trial that is ongoing at Sheffield 44 year old Alan Barnfield, told the court that he had no idea how a video of a man having sex with a horse and other bestiality images got onto his phone. Furthermore he told the court that he had absolutely no sexual interest in animals. According to prosecution reports he was seen leading two animals to a dark wooded area, later to be found sweating profusely and smelling strongly of horses!

Australian woman charged with bestiality

We hear about some odd things from around the world, but this latest one that has just come out of Australia is straight from the top drawer of odd events.

Apparently a 25 year old woman has been charged with having sex with her dog and has appeared in Brisbane court charged on three counts of bestiality. If that was not enough she has also been accused of trafficking and being in possession of a dangerous drug. Police claim to have found videos which allegedly show her having sex with her dog.It seems that it was when police were investigating the text messages they located the videos of Driscoll allegedly having sex with the dog.  (more…)

When Adventurous Sex Goes Wrong

According to a recent survey by an online pharmacy 67% of Britons believe that they are more ‘sexually adventurous’ than their partner. Liking to get freaky in bed, it seems we are a nation of adventurous lovers, with one partner more than the other liking to take sexual adventures to the next level. (more…)

Women Admits To Wanking Dolphins

There must be some point during your job where you stop and think “I’m taking this too far”; clearly not for Margaret Howe who back in 1965 was taking part in a NASA lead experiment which aimed to try and teach a Bottlenose Dolphin to speak English.

Shock Decision UK Government to Legalise Bestiality

The UK Government has voted to pass a law which would legalise bestiality after a late night of arguing over the controversial subject. More than 80 MP’s turned out for the historical vote which would see having sexual intercourse with animals legalised in the UK. MP’s voted surprisingly in favour 73-7 to legalise bestiality.

Wild wedding: UK woman marries pet dog

In a rather strange turn of events, a woman has vowed against men and married her pet dog. 47 year old Amanda Rodgers from Brixton in south London was married to a man 20 years ago, but the relationship unfortunately lasted no more than a few short months, so dismayed she decided to swear against men and turn to dogs.

Judge Annoyed After Jury Find Man Accused of Cow and Sheep Sex Hilarious

Bestiality is a serious crime, so it’s never helpful to have your jury in fits of giggles during such a serious trial. Unfortunately for one exasperated judge, he had to calm down a jury who found one man’s bestiality escapades hilarious. The jury were told how a man tried to bugger a sheep after he failed to get a cow to fellate him.

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