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Celebrities “hacked off” as apple’s iCloud is compromised

The data and photo storage service that is offered to users of Apple products, iPhone, iPad and MacBook, has been hacked and 101 celebrities have become victims according to the hacker, who has stolen and then posted nude pictures of the famous stars online.

Well known names in the show business and celebrity world have seen nude pictures of themselves posted online for the entire world to see. Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst the Spiderman star, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Kate Upton are just some of the people that have had data stolen.

Rather surprisingly 24 hours after the photographs had been published online, Apple said it was aware of the breach but was not able to offer any reason how this occurred and did not offer any guarantee that the storage service would not be hacked again.


However, the matter is being taken seriously in other quarters, the FBI is well aware of the allegations involving high profile individuals, and is actively looking into the matter. The Apple Corporation meanwhile is investigating the claim that it is due to a flaw in the find my iPhone service.

Naturally there has not been a lot of sympathy in some quarters and many have been suggesting that it is rather foolish to take nude photographs using phones or tablet devices and then storing them.

The iCloud service is used by more than 320 million worldwide since its introduction in October 2011, which when activated the service automatically stores photos, emails, and documents.



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