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Customers left angry as some Aldi crisps had only four in the packet

German Discount Supermarket thought that it would be a good idea to provide some “own label” Monster Munch style crisps, and the customers also believed that it was good idea too, but what they got in the packet, left them disappointed and angry! The Aldi own label crisps are certainly cheaper, which is the reason so many mum’s with young children bought them, but some kids and their parents were in for a shock when it was found that when opened, the packets could often only contained as little as five “claws in the bag and for one mother, Rhian Green and her 13 year old son Bailey, just two crisps!

The packet clearly states 17g, on each packet in the multi pack of Monster Claws, so finding only two or even five in packets is a shock and left Rhian angry. She explained it was not just a single “rogue” packet, they opened a couple and there were only five inside another packet, that is not what you expect, she said. She decided to contact Aldi, on Facebook, as you do, and they have asked her to return the packaging to the shop with proof of purchase, then what we wonder, another multi pack free of charge, hopefully with a few more crisps inside!

Rhian and her son were not the only ones to have experienced the lack of “Monster Claws” in the packets. Another shopper, Gemma-Louise Platts, also posted on Facebook: ‘I bought a multi bag of your snack crisp selection from my local store, when my son gets a bag of crisps he said to her “this feels empty”. Gemma though that the best thing to do was to weigh some unopened packets, and to her surprise she found that the first one only weighed 10g although the pack clearly shows 17g on opening the packet we discovered only four “claws” in the bag! So we do the same again with another bag and this only contained 12g with only three “claws” in it!

Sam Lyons, aged 19, was another angry customer and he thought that it was an excuse because they were multi packs, but even so, if it says 17g it should contain 17g multi pack or not. He went on to say that Aldi told him to return them if he was not happy, but said “who has the time to return an opened bag of crisps”. “It’s just wasted time and effort on my part and it just seems like a way Aldi can get out of handling the situation properly in my opinion.”

When contacted, a spokesman for Aldi is reported to have said: “We are currently investigating this with our supplier, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.” Perhaps a visit from Trading Standards might also be on the cards for them!




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