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Dirty Scumbags Put Your Health at Risk!

The dreaded Norovirus could rip through through your office laying you all low just because some of your colleagues can’t be bothered to wash their hands.

It’s easy isn’t it? You go to the loo and then you wash your hands.

The trouble is a whole lot of folks out there can’t be arsed, and it’s not just their own health that they’re putting at risk, it’s that of everyone else they come into contact with.

Small businesses are at risk of soaring staff costs as they have to carry on paying the poor sods who are at home having an intimate experience with their toilet bowl. The Norovirus really does hit you at both ends and it’ll leave you feeling awfully weak after a couple of days of throwing up and pooing through the eye of a needle. You wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Well, except maybe the lazy b’stard who didn’t think it was worth washing their hands.

And do you know what’s worse?

Loads of them, the ones you think of as your mates, then go and eat their lunch with evil germs just crawling over their hands. Yugh! It makes me want to vom just thinking about it!

Here are the numbers: Fab online bathroom supplier were wondering just how much use their washroom kit was getting and so they commissioned a survey to ask a few probing questions, and you’re not going to like the results. They asked a whole lot of people a few simple questions and alarmingly nearly a third of people polled admitted that they didn’t bother washing their hands after a trip to the loo.

And what do those who do wash their hands use to get them clean? Well this just makes it worse – another 30% of these just used water. Now I know it depends on what’s available, but even if there’s no fancy sanitizer I bet most work loos have soap hanging around. What’s the use of just a quick rub under water?

Even if you’re one of the washroom angels, you still need to be concerned though. You’re sharing the dirtbags’ space, using the same handles, kettles, drinking from the same mugs. I think I’m going to start the bathroom Stasi in our offices and expose the culprits.

Do you remember the stuff the dentists used to make you chew that showed up all the plaque on your teeth? I wonder if there’s a similar product that could be used to show if people’s hands are clean? I imagine dirty paws going a nuclear green – I might just have an idea here!

The final questions made me laugh. They asked how peeps dried their hands. 10% admitted to a quick wipe on the back of their trousers! Oops. I’m guilty of that. Is it a bad thing? What if the paper towels have run out? OK. I’m not going to get defensive. Another 14% went for the drip dry effect. Well at least they washed their paws I guess.

Look folks. This isn’t difficult. Not washing your hands risks spreading disease. Do it. It’s easy. And it feels nice too!

Image Courtesy of pennstatenews



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