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Dog elected as Mayor in Minnesota

We have heard some strange stories and one that was in all the news media way back in 2002 was how a monkey was elected as Mayor for the unitary authority of Hartlepool. Now of course it wasn’t really a monkey but Start Drummond dressed in his Hartlepool United Football Club, mascot suit as a monkey, the club is nicknamed the Monkey Hangers by their rivals. This came about because during the Napoleonic wars, the residents are famously said to have hanged a monkey because they thought it was a French spy. The mascot’s vote-winning slogan was free bananas for schoolchildren!

Now not to be outdone, the residents of another town, this time in Cormorant, Minnesota, have elected a dog to be their Mayor! Well according to the reports from the town, Duke now the Mayor, guards the town and makes the community safer, and according to what the residents tell us, he even ensures that cars do not break the speed limits, not sure how he does that, but our is not to question why, as the saying goes.


After winning, Duke, now the Mayor of course, was treated to five hours of grooming and we presume a slap up doggy dinner. It seems that Duke the dog is not the only odd successful candidate for the post of Mayor in America.

Robert Tufts is a worldly wise five year old who has served two terms in office as the Mayor of the Dorset town in Minnesota, from being the ripe old age of three! After relinquishing the role, he is handing over to sixteen year old Eric Mueller.



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