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Dog guns down pizza delivery man in Ohio

Most people will have heard of the spoof newspaper headline: “Man Goes Mad Bites Dog”, well we believe our headline can beat that one and this is actually a true event.

The pizza delivery man dressed in his bright uniform was sent to a delivery address, and here it gets better, Rambo Lane, to deliver a pizza, but when he rang the bell he got more than the tip he was hoping for, he was shot in the leg! Naturally you might be thinking that an angry gun toting man opened the door and did not get the pizza that he had ordered, but you would be wrong, it was the man’s dog that accidentally shot delivery man.

What apparently happened, according to the Toledo Ohio police report, was that Anthony Wulf, who was waiting for the delivery, tried to put down his gun as he went to answer the door, but his faithful pooch knocked the gun from his hand and it fell to the floor and a round was fired. The bullet hit the unfortunate Mr Brill in the right leg and he was taken to ProMedica Toledo Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing and the police have not said if any charges will follow. We do not know if Mr Wulf enjoyed the pizza, but we imagine the pooch was in the “doghouse” for a while!



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