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Flares and pepper spray don’t mix – who’d of thought? Fan turns into fireball at football game

A football fan carrying a lit flare got a bit of a shock when a riot police officer fired pepper spray at him during a Polish League game at the weekend.

The incredible picture below shows the fan trying to climb a fence segregating fans and carrying a flare. Unbeknown to the fan the riot police officer got his trusty pepper spray out, not knowing that its contents were flammable. You can guess what happened next.

fan fireball

That’s right! The Zaglebie Lubin fan turned into a human fireball for a split second before dropping the flare, jumping off the fence and scampering away a bit more singed that he was before.

The incident happened at a Polish League game between Slask Wroclaw and Zaglebie Lubin on Saturday, Slask Wroclaw won the match 1-0.

It’s safe to say that the fan in question probably won’t be waving a flare at the police in a hurry.

Check out the video below, the incident happens at around the 1:39 mark in the bottom left hand corner, blink and you’ll miss it.


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