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Iran’s female footballers to undergo gender tests

Iranian women’s footballers are to undergo mandatory gender exams to prove that they are real women. The Iranian football’s governing body is set to bring in the random tests within Iran’s professional women’s league after it was revealed that several of their top players had not completed gender sex change surgeries or are suffering from sexual development disorders.

Gender sex change operations have been legal in Iran since 1979, although this law is in contrast to the countries other laws concerning sexual morality which forbid homosexuality and sex before marriage.

Officials for the Iranian women’s football league said that medical examiners will now turn up at random training sessions to conduct tests of teams in the women’s premier league, as well as those who play indoor football known as Futsal.

Head of the Iranian football medical committee, Ahmad Hashemian said that each club will now be obliged to carry out gender testing of their own players before signing any contracts. Those who do not pass the test will be banned from competing in women’s leagues until they underwent medical treatment.

Seven players have so far had their contracts terminated under the governing body’s gender testing directive.

Picture: Mila Araujo


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