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Jobs for Moyes

So now David Moyes will be joining the millions of unemployed in the UK, after he was sacked yesterday by Manchester United. The sudden but not unexpected sacking is tactical of the Manchester United board, not finishing in the top 4 means that at this point, the club need only give Moyes a one-year pay-off under the terms of his six-year deal, rather than honour the full four years left on that contract.

This means Moyes will have to find employment elsewhere! So here at Shocking Times we thought we would look at new possible careers for Moyes, as managing a football team doesn’t seem to be panning out.


bin man STIts dirty work but someone has to do it! The good news for Moyes is the job has got a lot easier over the years and strict health and safety rules means he won’t have to worry about injury. This time he will only be dropping himself in the shit (literally) when anything goes wrong.


builder STHe may not be a proven football team builder like his predecessor at Manchester United, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be any good on a building site. The Scot has been used to grafting recently, not too much avail but if he can get his head around the cement to sand ratio then he may do better in this job.

Fast Food Operative

fast food STThe Glazers did not seem to trust him with money, not letting Moyes get his hands on their potential £150m war chest, so Moyes may not be trusted with handling the cash as a fast food operative. Burger flipper anyone?


Postman STMoyes may not have been any good at delivering results this season but that doesn’t mean he will be bad at delivering letters! After all following names and addresses can’t be that hard, can it?


clown STMany of his tactics have been seen as laughable this season, especially for the opposite team, so you know Moyes has a sense of humour. Who knows maybe he is better at creating balloon animals than he was as Manchester United manager.


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