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Judge Annoyed After Jury Find Man Accused of Cow and Sheep Sex Hilarious

Bestiality is a serious crime, so it’s never helpful to have your jury in fits of giggles during such a serious trial. Unfortunately for one exasperated judge, he had to calm down a jury who found one man’s bestiality escapades hilarious. The jury were told how a man tried to bugger a sheep after he failed to get a cow to fellate him.

The incident, occurred close to Tottenham Hotspurs training ground last September. Paul Lovell allegedly committed bestiality and was caught by a young couple picnicking nearby. They claimed to have seen him “laying on the floor, taking his shorts off” near a line of trees before committing the sex crimes. The young couple also took photos of the incident which are due to be presented as evidence. Although the serious nature of the crime, the jury found the offences described to be humorous, although probably not for the animals involved.

Speaking about the ‘sniggering’ in his court, Judge James Patrick addressed the jurors: “I well understand that there are aspects of it [this case] that are unusual and amusing. If you do find the case particularly funny, if you can try to get over your laughter over lunch that would be great.”

Paul Lovell who is 61-years-old and from Enfield appeared at Wood Green Crown Court, he was originally charge with indecent exposure however prosecutors dropped that charge due to a lack of evidence. They also changed the wording of the second charge to “outraging public indecency” to include “fellatio with a cow.” The horny 61-year-old is currently on bail, with the conditions that he does not return to Whitewebbs Lane or Archers Wood in Enfield, north London which is where the alleged incident took place. The trial currently continues.

Image courtesy of Frans de Wit


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