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Kate Humble flies into a panic attack at the thought of having children

We were all children once, and for most women there is an inbuilt maternal gene that craves to have, to hold and nurture them, well that is for most women. For BBC wildlife presenter Kate Humble however, she has claimed that she was lacking this maternal gene. For her and husband of 25 years, Ludo Graham, this has never presented a problem. But, it was during a discussion with Ludo that she had what could only be described as a panic attack when they wondered what might happen if just one of them changed their mind. During the discussion, Kate admitted that she broke down and in a response that can be described as being primeval said: “I cannot do it I’m never going to change my mind”.

The TV star has never made a secret of the fact that she did not want to have children, but she said that she found it odd that you seemed to be judged for it by some, she believed that it was important for her to talk about the topic in order to support other women who make the same decision as she has.

Needless to say Kate has her critics and some have even commented that she became president of the RSPB to substitute her motherhood with her commitment to animals. She hit back at this suggestion by saying that she did not want a substitute, “I just don’t want children”. She went on to describe animals as being endlessly fascinating, in the way that there are many people who find children endlessly fascinating: “For me there is never a dull moment when you have an animal around”.

Kate does not dislike children, she loves them, but only when you can give them back she quipped and like many millions of grandparents around the world, they simply love their grandchildren, because they can have lots of fun, take them to places, but at the end of the visit, you can just give them back!

We have to wonder what it is about children when we have a happy couple who do not want them and the on the other hand we have a member of the aristocracy Sir Benjamin Slade, who desperately does and as he put it, “Pulling out all the stops to find a young bride” after he ditched glamorous businesswoman Bridget Convey, “she is 50, so too old to have children”. He went on: “I am interviewing hard. I have had a few proposals, but sometimes the women are past their sell-by date and have been over the guns a few times”. Oh well best of luck Sir Benjamin!



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