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Kidnappers demand £28 million for the release of Bernie Ecclestone’s Mother-in Law

It has been reported that the ransom demand for the release of Aparecida Schunk , 67, the mother of Bernie Ecclestone’s wife Fabiana Flosi, captured near her home in São Paulo, is the largest ever made. Well we suppose if the demand is made upon the UK’s fourth richest person, who has a reputed fortune of £3.2 billion, you are not going to ask for small change, are you!

Fabiana’s mother was snatched close to her home on Friday night and it is understood that the kidnappers are in contact with the Ecclestone family. The kidnappers have made a stipulation in their demand that the money is paid in pounds sterling; also that it is split into four separate bags. Now is this because there are four kidnappers, or maybe carrying a parcel with £28 million inside might be rather conspicuous. Not knowing what a pile of money amounting to a £1 million looks like, never mind one twenty eight times bigger is difficult to envisage.

Mr Ecclestone the 85 year old Formula One tycoon has been married to Fabiana for four years and follows on from his first wife, Ivy Bamford, who was 21 when they married, which lasted 25 years. He then went on to have a relationship with Tuana Tan, from Singapore; this lasted for 17 years, before settling on Fabiana Flosi.

This kidnapping is slightly out of the ordinary for Brazil as it is not unusual to have what is known as “express kidnapping” where the unfortunate person is frog-marched to a cash point at gunpoint, but we imagine that most ATM’s do not have £28 million ready to hand out! In 2002 it is reported that 321 cases of these kidnappings happened in São Paulo alone, usually the amounts are around a hindered dollars.

Should Mr Ecclestone agree to the ransom demand, it will be “small beer” compared to the whopping divorce settlement he was subjected to in 2009, when it is estimated to have cost him more than £594million, believed to be the largest in history.

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