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Leeds United Deadline Day Twitter Fail

For years deadline day for Leeds United fans was a joke, we sold players and never signed anyone, but with Massimo Cellino in charge things honestly feel different with 15 new signings, yes 15, but LUFC still manage to infuriate fans. So why are Leeds fans so pissed off… it started early on deadline day with this tweet:

Leeds Fans seemly genuinely Happy I Know I was, and then 3 hours Later we get

At first I thought another player or maybe a manager, most Leeds fans were having a bit of good banter some suggesting Messi others joking about the purple dildo that made an appearance on Sky TV, but we didn’t have to wait long.

With Doukara on a full contract now the Leeds fans and myself felt a bit let down, was that it? So that was the big “more to come” and just read the responses to that tweet Only one positive tweet really :

Now if Leeds had just said good night and left us dreaming of what the season holds for us and second guessing who our new manager ( oops coach, Cellino is the manager I forgot that 🙂 ) I would, like 1000’s of other Leeds fans went to bed quite happy, but with 1 hour left of the transfer window Leeds tweeted

Ok here we go I know the Kids start school tomorrow so I’m guessing many parents let their kids stay up later than normal, with over 2000 retweets and some serious banter about and ex-leeds players rejoining the club, fans were getting over excited then this : from the Leeds Captain

Only fueled the fans.. picture of cars turning up at Elland road start doing the rounds, Milner, Gradel, Beckford and Becchio were all possible in our eyes, I can honestly say I haven’t been more excited about Leeds since I found out I had tickets for Leeds v Liverpool Charity Shield in 1992.

what happen next is beyond belief :

and then :

Just read the responses, no apology no nothing, as a life long Leeds fan I’m used to this kind of crap, but this takes the biscuit, why not just tweet don’t go to bed we’re selling 2 young strikers just to take the shine off your evening.

I can only feel that Cellino is giving us a great big fuck you it’s my club not yours :




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