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Man who admitted having sex with girlfriend’s dog and recording it spared jail

A 19 year old factory worker who admitted filming himself having sex with his girlfriend’s dog has been spared jail by a Skegness Magistrates Court. Wayne Bryson pleaded guilty to ‘engaging in an act of sexual penetration’ with a 4 year old Staffordshire bull terrier called Rudy on the 17th January 2014.

Bryson’s former girlfriend Amber Hickling, 18, found the video as she was looking for pictures of their child on Mr Bryson’s phone. The shocked teenager handed the phone to the police and Bryson was arrested the same day.

Bryson appeared at Skegness Magistrates Court on Tuesday where he admitted having sex with a dog and another count of processing 315g of cannabis. Describing the distressing footage, prosecutor Paul Woods said: “The dog was shaking in a back and forwards motion.

“She could see a man’s penis going in and out of the animal. The clip was about 30 seconds long.”

Mr Bryson was handed a four month prison sentence, which was suspended for two years and was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register. He will stay on the register for seven years and has been told that he must never be left alone with any animal again.

His former girlfriend, Amber Hickling spoke after the sentencing, she said, “When I found the video I felt sick. I was shaking and crying. I just couldn’t believe it.

“I would have been surprised to catch him cheating, but to catch him shagging my dog was wrong on a different level.

“He could have been doing it all along and I only caught him because he taped it.

“I felt dirty just knowing he touched me after he could do something like that with my dog.

“While I was worrying about other women I should have been worrying about my pets.

“When I heard the sentence, I was very upset. I think he should have got a much harsher sentence”.

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