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Man with Slurry Fetish Jailed

As far as fetishes go this is one of the smellier ones, a man who has autism has been sent to prison, because of his slurry fetish. David Truscott, aged 44, has been known to roll around naked in slurry (the excrement from cows) has been arrested a number of times. He had been held in a mental health hospital however he has now been transferred to prison before he is sentenced next year.

It’s not the first time David has done time because of his weird fetish, he has served three jail sentences so far and has waged a six year campaign against a farmer, whose slurry he liked to roll in. the farmer, Clive Ross and his family have been threatened by Davis during his quest to get jiggy with cow poop. He set the farm on fire, according to the Exeter Express and Echo newspaper when Clive Ross, cleaned his much spreader in an attempt to deter Truscott.

He was given restraining orders and banned from going on Ross’s land, however he breached those orders in 2009 and 2011 and was subsequently jailed. It was 2004 when it came to light the extent of David’s strange fetish after he told a court he; ‘got sexual pleasure from stripping down to his waist in manure for sexual reasons.’ He repeatedly violated Ross’ muck spreader in 2005, causing distress to the Ross family.

Judge Francis Gilbert, QC said about the unusual case: I have received a letter from Langdon Hospital which says their assessment of the defendant has been concluded and they are awaiting a further specialist examination at St Andrews Hospital.

“In view of the content of this letter I anticipate that Dr Darnley cannot provide any further assessment and therefore I shall remand the defendant in custody to Exeter Prison.

“He pleaded guilty on May 24 and awaits sentence. Langdon have done what they need to do and it is right he should return to prison so his place at the hospital can be taken by someone who needs it.

“The doctors are talking about another two or three months before the further assessment is completed and the defendant must expect to be in custody in some form or another in the light of this offence and his history.”

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