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Pope Francis presented with life-size chocolate replica of himself

Pope Francis was presented with the life-sized chocolate replica of himself as he attended a general audience at the Vatican. The gift, made by master chocolatier Mirco Della Vecchia took a month to craft at his studio with the help of his apprentices.

Della Vecchia said he used 1.5 tons of cocoa for the pontiff’s replica and that he will be donating another 1.5 tons of chocolate to the umbrella Catholic charity organisation Caritas. Sculptor Paul Moro Belluno was brought in to help with the likeness of the figure and is renowned for his sculptures, which are generally made from unusual materials.

Busy Week

The Pope has had a busy couple of days as he also auctioned off his one-of-a-kind Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide motorcycle for charity. The motorcycle was given to the pope last year to mark Harley-Davidson’s 110th year anniversary and was donated to the charity Caritas Roma, which supports people in need.

The one-of-a-kind motorcycle sold for a staggering £200,200, much more than the estimated £12,500 and the proceeds will help the charity to renovate a hostel and soup kitchen in Rome.

Picture: TODAYshow


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