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Shocking But True: You Can Wear Underwear Made of Recycled Plastic!

Calvin Klein, Fruit of the Loom, Hugo Boss, DKNY, and many others create underwear that can commonly be found in every person’s home. Well, now there is a new brand that has just launched in worldwide (originally out of Finland) that is about to change the underwear game and help make the world a better, cleaner place “one butt at a time”… and they mean that literally!

the other danish guy™, which was founded by Tommi Lähde, is a brand of underwear that has created the world’s top eco-friendly underwear (for guys & girls) made from fabric that is made of discarded fishing nets and other items harvested from the oceans, where they constitute a threat to marine creatures. The company takes the materials they clean up from oceans worldwide and processes them into stylish underwear that is actually comfortable and looks pretty cool.

So, the next time you see a floating water bottle in the ocean, just think how that could one day be keeping your butt warm & clean! And hey, all of the world’s top athletes and celebrities are starting to jump on the eco-friendly underwear train too! Get shopping if you want a pair:



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