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Shoppers stunned as they watch man urinating into a freezer at Morrisons

The behaviour of some people takes a lot of believing at times, but what shoppers witnessed at a Morrisons Store in Stockport stretched the imagination beyond belief. According to witnesses, not content with his disgraceful performance at one of the freezer cabinets, he also went around the store breaking wine bottles whilst wandering around.

An onlooker saw the urinating incident and captured it on his mobile phone, this shows a man dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans, he was swaying around as he stood in one of the aisles on his own close to a freezer cabinet. The man filming could not quite believe what he was seeing and is heard exclaiming to the children he was with, “he’s p*****g in the freezer!”

Well as you could expect the video has been posted online and has been seen by thousands of people. It would appear that he was not satisfied with his performance as some other witnesses thought that the man was also seen vomiting into another freezer, although this is not seen on the video footage.

Commenting about the man’s behaviour, a spokesman for Morrisons said: “The store team were quick to respond to the incident, the Police were called and the individual was escorted from the store by police officers.” They also went on to say that they had thoroughly checked out the freezer in question and were quite satisfied that he had not urinated into it.



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