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Startling video shows rapper shoot friend during music video altercation in convenience store

Startling security camera video released by the New York Police Departments shows the moment when a rapper, filming a low-budget music video opened fire on a ‘friend’ after an altercation in a convenience store then proceeds to pistol whip him when the gun runs out of bullets.

The shocking footage was caught on camera after the rapper and victim were having an argument about who was the star of the video. The yet unnamed 37 year old victim suffered multiple gun shots following the attack, which saw five people step over the man and failing to help him as he lay on the ground bleeding.

The suspect, who was wearing a red polo shirt, jeans and a baseball cap can be seen calmly shooting the victim at least five times, then pistol whipping the man as he laid on the ground. The footage then shows a further five men, who were in the store at the same time calmly step over the victim as they leave the shop one by one.

Shop owner Ali Abdul, who witnessed the attack told the press, “They were fighting over who’s the star, who’s better. They were drunk. They spit at each other then one guy pulled out a gun and shot the other guy five times.”

Paramedics arrived quickly to the scene in the Bronx and the victim was taken to Lincoln Hospital for treatment, he remains in critical condition.

An NYPD statement said that the suspect still remains at large.


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