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The penis site: Fancy getting paid to draw penises all day?

Well it takes all manner of things to earn a living, but one strange one we came across was a firm called “Penalised” that was set up by two IT professionals, that unsurprisingly did not want to be identified, but have a vacancy due to the high demand for their services.

The company came about last year and so far it is doing a massive trade by simply adapting company logos with penises and balls. The pair, who go by pseudonyms of Phropenius and Coxworth, realised that by adapting company logos by adding a phallic symbol there was money to be made, how right they are it seems.

Now you might imagine that it might attract some minor players who operated from some back street premises, but you would be wrong, they have already started off with commissions for big corporations like BP, Starbucks and Pepsi. Naturally they have had commissions from smaller companies, but as can be seen there are some big names there.

Naturally it is a great way to poke fun as the penis jokes never go out of fashion, because as pointed out in their web pages, the two say: Just like in real life, penises come in all shapes and sizes. Some take longer, some shorter, some harder. It comes when it’s ready. We will finesse the process. In the end, the goal is to please the customer but if it comes too quickly we apologise, that usually never happens.” No the penis jokes never do go out of fashion do they?

According to a comment that the two made to the Huffington Post, there are no logos which have, as yet, proved phallic proof, the task is according to them getting easier, from a few minutes to try to work out where the penis might fit in, now it is less than thirty seconds and the demand for their services is growing, hence the need for another artist. Fancy it do you?



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