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Thousands flock to see Virgin Mary Statue that ‘Weeps Oil’

Thousands of people have flocked to a small town in Israel to see a statue of the Virgin Mary that the residents say ‘Weeps Oil’. The deeply Christian family from Tarshiha in northern Israel claims that the religious statue is covered in oil and have called it a miracle.

The Khoury’s bought the religious statue of the Virgin Mary last year but have only just realised that it seems to be weeping. Osama Khoury told the press, “My wife (Amira) came closer to the statue and found it was covered with oil,” adding, “She then wiped the oil, she was scared. She called our neighbour and told her to come and see what she saw.”

“The neighbour came and looked at it and found that it was real oil, and then she held my wife’s hands and told her not to be afraid, that it was a blessing that had come into your house.”

The family says that an estimated 2,000 people have visited the house to see the Virgin Mary statue over the past few weeks and that the whole experience has made them want to pray more. Amira Khoury said, “”I felt a strange feeling that something was pulling me to pray.”

The statue, which is draped in rosary beads and now sits in in a glass box is visited by hundreds of worshipers a day who pray and sing songs in the statues presence.


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