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Thousands of Japanese rush to get their hands on giant penis

Hold onto your hats girls, particularly if you live in the Japanese City of Hodare, because this is where a 93 stone or 603 kilogram penis is waiting for you to ride upon, if you newly married! Before any of you get too excited the 7 foot monster is actually a wooden phallus which is part of an annual fertility festival and the monster penis is believed to bring fertility, good luck, and marital success.

This giant is brought out of its hiding place every year on the second Sunday of March, when women who have married in the last 12 months, wearing their bridal gowns are seen straddling the wooden phallus. Naturally the event brings out the crowds; it’s not every day that a piece of manhood of this size is paraded around, particularly with ladies sitting on it and waving to the crowds.

But, if you think that it is just newlywed brides that get all the luck, no people come from all over to celebrate and touch the beast, which is supposed to bring good fortune. It also carries religious significance for locals, as many believe that praying and touching it will bring them luck.

There are other similar festivals that are held in Japan, but Hodare is one of the county’s biggest and best, would that be the penis that they are talking about, well it really is a monster!



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