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Three patients have died in hospital and a forth fights for his life as police say killer could still be on site

Three patients have died in hospital and a forth fights for his life as police say killer could still be on site

As 60 detectives investigate medication sabotage after three deaths, staff are thought to also be at risk and to work in pairs!

Another patient was critically ill today, at a hospital where police are investigating the suspicious deaths of three people after a batch of medication was deliberately sabotaged.

The deaths of 3 patients (George Keep, 84, Arnold Lancaster, 71, and Tracey Arden) are being investigated in at a hospital in in Stockport, after it was found that 36 saline ampoules had been poisoned with insulin.

Police were alerted by hospital staff after a senior nurse noticed numerous patients on her ward had lower blood sugar levels than normal. Police were investigating the possibilities that the killer is either at work or a visitor at the hospital.

Detectives believe insulin was injected into the saline solutions which resulted in 11 other patients at the hospital being affected by the drug and one resulted in enduring a stay in ICU!

Police have repeatedly stressed caution and do not yet know if the contamination caused their deaths as they are still waiting for the post-mortem results. However, they have admitted that they are hunting someone who deliberately contaminated the saline with suspicion that other batches have also been affected.

The latest news regarding this particular case comes one day later… 23-year-old, Sam Edge, said he believed he had been given a sabotaged insulin drip. Mr Edge was admitted to the hospital on July 9. He had suffered high blood sugar levels and stayed on Ward A1. However, Mr Edge suffered three ‘hypos’ – which was unusual for him and believes, were down to the poisoned solution. He quoted: ‘Whoever has done this is quite evil. It’s aiming to harm as many people as possible.’

Edge was moved to Ward A1, where he was put on a saline drip with separate insulin supply and began a fast recovery. But the following day, when he was given new saline supplies , he suffered three drops in insulin within a seven hour time period.

He commented: ‘It’s a scary thought that if I hadn’t recognised my blood sugar dropping I could have slipped into a coma, but as a diabetic I recognised the symptoms.’

Security has been stepped up at Stepping Hill Hospital over fears a new ‘angel of death’ is on the loose inspecting and questioning any visitors that enter the hospital, as well as keeping a close eye on both the patients and staff.

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