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Video surveillance catches man having sex with a horse

Cirilo Castillo, 41, of Edinburg, Texas was caught by video surveillance having sex with a horse, he has now been charged with having sex with horses at least two different ranches. A horse owner, who had set up video surveillance, caught Castillo who was her neighbour breaking into her barn, tying her brown mare to a fence and tying her back legs together and having sex with her.

Cirilo Castillo is accused of two counts of cruelty to animals and two counts of criminal trespass and has bonds set at $60,000 by Justice of the Peace Charlie Espinoza. Investigators identified Castillo from the videos and he was arrested last Tuesday according to records.

Also another rancher in nearby Alberta had spoken to investigators too after catching Castillo with his mares on four occasions, allegedly, according to court records. The rancher claimed he had watched Castillo tying up the horses and having sex with them, he then identified Castillo from a photo line-up.

Castillo admitted to police during an interview that he had sex with his neighbour’s horse and also having sex with another horse at a different ranch.

Picture courtesy of MarilynJane


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