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Virtual Reality Adult Entertainment Is GOOD For You!

That’s right folks, watching porn, specifically virtual reality porn, is shockingly good for your health – just ask the experts!

Leading researchers in the field of technosexuality aka sextech, believe virtual reality porn is an erotic game-changer. Gone are the days when we simply watched porn… now we get to actually experience it. VR lets users realize mind-body pleasure, immersive sensation and simulated connection that feels effectively real. Utilizing VR takes users out of the position of externalized voyeur, rather immersing them in the scene for an internalized sense of involvement and indulgence. 

Reality Lovers – – the leading adult entertainment company that brings virtual reality and porn together through countless scenarios in their video database have been awarded for helping to innovate the VR porn industry. With Reality Lovers, users can now experience VR and explore their ultimate fantasies in their own homes at a very low subscription cost.

And did we mention that VR is good for you?!

Dr. Holly Richmond is a somatic psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist in California, USA who studies technosexuality and its effects on patients, as well as larger sociological implications. Dr. Richmond and her colleagues believe VR is at the forefront of a movement toward improved sexual health. VR has the capability to not only be educational, but also, and perhaps most importantly, to be entertaining. Users, such as those who browse Reality Lovers, can explore erotic fantasy in novel ways, discover their own pleasure, and learn improved skills for intimate relating in ways that are immersive and embodied. The extent of the individual and relational sexual health benefits is limitless, with each person feeling more adept, self-assured and empowered within their own unique forms of sexual expression.



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