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Want to see Victoria Beckham with a Beard? Hilarious photos of Female Celebrities with Beards!

The Bearded Lady who took Eurovision by storm on Saturday night Conchita Wurst is the alter-ego of 25-year-old Thomas Neuwirth and secured Austria with the win for the singing competition. Twitter was all a frenzy with #TheBeardedLady generating 5,384,678 tweets saw Austria steam ahead to victory with 290 points for her performance of Rise Like a Phoenix.

So let’s have a look at some of our favourite female celebs, with beards!

Victoria Beckham

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Kim Kardashian

Congressional Candidate Marianne Williamson Press Event

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton with beard

Lady Gaga

gaga beard 3


beyonce with beard 2

You might be right in thinking that the Eurovision Song Contest can’t be taken seriously, however the result from Saturdays show, shows how much more tolerant Europe is, well most of it and certainly compared to Russia, whose hard-line anti-gay stance and their recent invasion of the Ukraine, saw them booed every time their act gained points.


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Record breaking Royal wedding dress

In Russia men shaved off their beards and posted pictures in protest. Russian politician, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, told national TV stations that her win meant ‘the end of Europe’. He added: ‘They don’t have men and women any more. They have “it”. Fifty years ago the Soviet army occupied Austria. We made a mistake in freeing Austria. We should have stayed.’

But the opposition from Russia could not contend with the legion of fans including celebrities Conchita Wurst, nor could it stop her from winning Eurovision. When she accepted her trophy, she said: ‘This is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. We are unity.’

Unfortunately for the UK as usual we did not fare well, our act Molly Smitten-Downes, who had been expected to do well, placed 17th, however you can’t complain at this year’s winner and going on past history it could be a good omen for the UK. When Austria last won the Eurovision Song Contest was when England won the World Cup in 1966, so who knows…


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