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Well here’s a surprise – men dramatically overestimate the size of their penis

Cave dwellers appeared to do so according to the graphics that have been found on walls of the caves they inhabited, and so, many thousands of years later, according to tech blogger Lukas, the male of the species is still at it, claiming that their penis is bigger than it actually is.

Now when it comes to manhood, there are many famous sayings which abound such as: It’s not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean, is it big well mine’s big enough to fill a pram, to quote just two. But of course there are some men that try to downsize their manhood, like the person who was brought before the Magistrates accused of getting a female pregnant. “It cannot be me sir, mine’s not big enough” Oh the Magistrate retorted, “let me tell you it is not the size of the weapon but the power of its shot!” Guilty as charged!

So unsurprisingly the findings that Lukas posted on Reddit’s Data Beautiful showed the size claimed and that of the actually measured penis did not tally, of course could it be that men never actually measure their member but guessed it, perhaps not! Now whether or not they were trying to impress the scientists, or maybe they really did believe it themselves is open to question. Now Lukas has said that he is not obsessed with penises, okay we believe you, he is just a graph enthusiast, and men he discovered were overestimating by almost an inch on average when erect.

Naturally as you might expect when it comes to the private parts of Homo sapiens, a lot of interest is created and when this data was published on the front page of the Data Is Beautiful, which he created this for, it has gone viral. What may disappoint some here is that he did not carry out this experiment himself, but used data from a website which compiled statistics including SurveyMonkey and also lab condition tests, whatever that may mean.


Of course, comments have been flowing in and one which we cannot condone in any way was from a comedian who suggested that the reason men exaggerate the size of their penis could be the reason the female of the species cannot reverse a car into a space:  “Because men have conditioned women to believe 6 inches is really 12”.

When you respond, please remember don’t shoot us we are only the messenger!



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