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Why has the Olympic diving pool turned green?

Well it is highly unlikely that someone has “peed after a spectacular dive, but the fact that the water was a dark shade of green instead of bright blue, has brought a massive response on social media, most of it not very complementary either!

Television viewers were treated to the colour changing and at the end of the competition, it was not possible to see the divers at the bottom of the pool, and the divers could not see their partners after they had entered the water.   The diving pool contrasted with the pristine blue of the water polo pool next to it, which has apparently baffled the organisers, although many people claim to know the answer, which apart from the usual jokes about dye on social media, the popular opinion seems to be algae, which will flourish in a hot climate like Brazil. The executive director of swimming’s world governing body FINA, has a theory:  “that the problem may have come from a faulty filter or problematic water quality,” it is no risk to health claimed Maria Lenk, “although we are still investigating,” she said.

The water colour at the diving pool is just one more water problem that the organisers of the Rio Olympics seem to be suffering. This has added to the worries over dangerous levels of pollution in Rio’s Guanabara Bay and concerns that floating garbage could damage or slow sailors.

Well it seems that not all the competitors were concerned about the colour, as bronze medallist Meaghan Benfeito of Canada told reporters that the colour had made her and her partner Roseline Filion laugh, but had actually helped. “It’s not the same colour as the sky so that was really on our side today.”

With eleven days still to go in the games, can we be sure that the problems at Rio are all over, well, as the saying goes “don’t hold your breath,” we for sure are not!

Picture: Tom Daley Twitter



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