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Women Admits To Wanking Dolphins

There must be some point during your job where you stop and think “I’m taking this too far”; clearly not for Margaret Howe who back in 1965 was taking part in a NASA lead experiment which aimed to try and teach a Bottlenose Dolphin to speak English.

Margaret then aged 23 took part in a 10 week experiment which saw her eat, bathe and sleep in close proximity with Peter aka the dolphin. The pair spent the time together living in an area of the beach flooded with seawater where he could swim and she could wade. Howe goes on to explain how Peter learnt to speak a few words such as “ball” and “diamond” through his blowhole, but instead of learning English he was more interested in showing her his affection. Whilst playing and interacting together Margaret soon learnt that Peter the Dolphin was becoming aroused by her.


At first when Peter started get aroused by Margaret she would put him in an enclosure with some female dolphins, but as his urges became more frequent the stresses of moving him became increased so there needed to be another way to deal with this, so she tossed him off in the pool to keep him focused on the task at hand. She admitted that she did enjoy the attention from the dolphin and felt it was a very sensual experience, but found it difficult to continue their work together, stating in her journal:

“I find that his desires are hindering our relationship. He jams himself again and again against my legs, circles around me, is inclined to nibble, and is generally so excited that he cannot control his attitude toward me.”

Tragically though when the 10 week experiment ended, Peter was moved from U.S. Virgin Islands to Miami. This saw him lose contact with his favourite companion and in the end led to his untimely death as he sunk to the bottom of his tank, committing suicide by refusing to breathe.


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