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Florida Man Drowns on 89th Birthday after he Crashes into Fire Hydrant

We can think of numerous way to spend ones birthday, Robert Dyer probably had some exciting plans too, but we are sure that he did not plan to spend his 89th birthday in the unfortunate way that he did.

Mr Dreyer was driving along a road in the town of Viera, which is 40 miles southeast of Orlando, when tragedy struck in the most unusual manner. Robert veered off the road and hit a fire hydrant, very unfortunate of course and Robert seemed to be completely unhurt by the impact. Being a good citizen he got out of his car to see what the damage was, this was when the unexpected happened.

Now if we have not seen those American fire hydrants in reality, most of us will have seen the pictures of water gushing from them in movies, they are powerful and it was this that was the downfall of poor Mr Dreyer. An eye witness Pedro Rodriguez, told NBC “the water pressure was so strong that it sucked him in and pulled him into the hole.”

Lt. Channing Taylor, commander of the Highway Patrol’s Brevard County office, was equally mystified and claimed that it was the first time that he had ever heard it happen, certainly when someone hit the hydrant with his car and drowns! Usually the fire hydrants will break off and they won’t spew water; they have safety valves in place, he said.

Apparently when he got out of his car a roughly six-foot deep hole opened up beneath him and he was pulled under his car by the rush of the water from the damaged hydrant. Other motorists got out of their cars to try to pull him out of the hole as paramedics arrived to the scene.  One of the helpers a 220 pound man (100Kg) Edward Cunningham said the force was tremendous and was trying to push him in as the water was gushing too strongly.

Dreyer was rushed to a nearby hospital, but was unable to be revived and pronounced dead; according to authorities it is understood that he may also have had a medical episode just moments before or after the hydrant crash.



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