YSimulators, Chilean IT company specialising in industrial training simulation, explores the UK as next country to expand into

Showcasing a brand new product at London Tech Week

YSimulators a prominent Chilean IT company specialising in simulation technologies, is exploring the UK as the next country to expand into.  To test the market, the team will be bringing “School of Risk VR” a new innovation focused on learning and practicing safety protocols to London Tech Week.

With a team of highly skilled professionals hailing from diverse backgrounds, YSimulators has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions in Chile, Netherlands, Spain and France leveraging virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and web-based applications. While serving primarily the education and industrial sectors, YSimulators also provides innovative training and safety solutions to enhance workforce capabilities.

YSimulators’ latest innovation, the “School of Risk VR,” offers a digital environment where users can fully immerse themselves in virtual reality to learn and practice safety protocols. What sets YSimulators apart from its competitors is its unique focus on creating diverse industrial procedures specifically related to industrial safety. Users engage in various tasks involving risk, providing them with the opportunity to follow safety protocols or deviate from them. This approach ensures a dual learning process, where users not only perform realistic tasks but also experience the consequences of their safety choices. The launch of the “School of Risk VR” is poised to revolutionise training programmes and elevate the standard of industrial safety education in the UK market.

“We have been closely evaluating the UK market for some time now, and the global pandemic further emphasised the need for our solutions particularly around safety protocols in the industrial sector,” said Cristobal Raby P, Country Manager. “During this challenging period, we dedicated ourselves to refining and tailoring our product offerings, focusing on high-complexity simulators that address the specific needs of sectors such as mining, ports, energy companies, and gas. Now, with an enhanced portfolio of solutions, we believe that the UK represents a prime opportunity for us to make a significant impact. We are excited to bring our expertise in simulation technologies to the UK market and contribute to the advancement of industrial safety and training in this dynamic and competitive landscape.”

“We are proud to see innovative tech companies like YSimulators exploring the UK market,” said Nicolas Poblete, Trade Commissioner of ProChile in UK, the agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for exports and services says “YSimulators presence in the UK will bring cutting-edge solutions and contribute to the technological advancement of both countries. The strong commercial and diplomatic ties between Chile and the UK, combined with the diverse support for foreign companies and shared interests in sustainability, make the UK an attractive destination for Chilean entrepreneurs.  Chilean companies have been attending London Tech Week for the last seven years.  The UK has proved to be an ideal opportunity for Chilean tech entrepreneurs with global ambition. ProChile takes the best of our goods and services to the world, and we are proud to support these companies arrival to Europe and the UK.” 

With its entry into the UK market, YSimulators aims to establish itself as a leading provider of simulation technologies, offering a transformative approach to training and safety across various sectors. Acknowledging the UK market is already fairly well developed, YSimulators believes that its business-to-business (B2B) focus and commitment to accelerating training and safety processes will allow it to carve out a significant position in the UK market. The company is actively seeking partnerships worldwide to unlock new opportunities, with current operations in Spain and an emerging partnership in Germany.

For more information about YSimulators and its offerings, please visit www.ysimulators.com

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