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Man found guilty after trying to have sex with dog.

Man found guilty after trying to have sex with dog.

A 20 year old male from North Wales was found guilty of sexually penetrating an animal yesterday, after he was arrested for trying to have sex with a female Rottweiler. Thomas Robert Edwards had been at a party on the outskirts of Wrexham and had gone outside to smoke and relieve himself, when he attempted to have sex with the dog. Neighbour Richard Williams had been awoken by noises from outside at the time looked out the window to find Edwards trying to penetrate the dog, he then called the police.

When they arrived Thomas claimed the neighbour had been mistaken about what he saw however when police searched Edwards house they discovered extreme pornography which he claimed he had downloaded by accident, sentencing was adjourned until January  Edwards was working at the time of the incident at Chester Zoo but not with animals, he was hoping to go to college and to work with animals in the future.

Picture courtesy of Lapate


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