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Man Masturbates down Supermarket Meat Aisle

During a recent supermarket visit Eugenio Freitas, 49, got a bit saucy round by the sausages. Freitas was caught on CCTV with his hands in his pockets for at least ten minutes after he became extremely horny, and overwhelmed by his “excessive sexual drive,” and began to touch himself in the meat section of the Sainsbury’s.

At the time a female employee saw Freitas but she didn’t realise he was getting his jollies off to a burger. Instead she thought the man was “adjusting himself.” Strangely this isn’t the first sexual incident in a supermarket for Freitas, in 2010 he exposed himself in a supermarket and was put on a sexual offender registry for seven years.

Freitas was arrested after a customer became suspicious and along with other members of staff they thought they best call the police. Prosecutor Marcus Harry said: “The staff member and security officer viewed CCTV of the defendant. He was seen for about 10 minutes with his hands down his trousers and in his pocket with his hands moving around. They formed the view he was performing a sex act.”

Freitas, of Cleveland Road, Knutton, pleaded guilty to outraging public decency and breaching a SOPO. Judge Paul Glenn said: “You told your probation officer you have a compulsion for masturbating in public. You seem unable to identify and deal with the consequences of what you do.” He also feared that Freitas was at high risk of re-offending.

He has now been banned from entering any supermarket in Britain!

There have been a number of cases where people have got frisky in the meat aisle, must be something to do with all those sausages and chicken breasts. A man Louisiana USA got sexual satisfaction from stuffing steak down his pants and trying to steal it. He also assaulted a supermarket employee. Another guy again in the US was arrested for allegedly masturbating at a Giant in Radnor. Apparently he was caught pleasuring himself in the supermarket and charged with indecent exposure.

Image courtesy of Marijke Blazer


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