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The most hated christmas gift revealed as underwear – you have been warned!

It’s that time of year again, most of the nation have been thinking about it for the past few weeks if not months: Christmas shopping time. The go to option for many people is the good old gift of underwear, whether it’s socks from your grandma or sexy lingerie for your other half. But it turns out that the majority of people don’t want to receive underwear for Christmas, in fact a huge 42% of men would rather receive some sort of gadget, and 39% of women would prefer to get a gift voucher and choose their own gift.

As part of their research into what Brits are buying and hoping to receive this year for Christmas, an online adventure day website,, asked 500 men and 500 women: “What gift would you prefer to receive for Christmas?” They were given various popular gift options to choose from, and the results came in as follows.

For men, topping the list, unsurprisingly, were electronics and gadgets, with 42% hoping to receive something like an iPhone, new computer or game. Following that, 24% of men would like to get vouchers from friends and family; 12% would be happy with food and alcohol; and, another surprise, only 9% actually wanted DIY and home improvement related gifts, and 7% aftershave or toiletries. Underwear trailed along behind with a measly 6% saying this was their gift of choice.

MarbellaPicture: Source

Unfortunately, the stats came up even worse for women, and underwear or lingerie came bottom of their lists with only 3% choosing it as a gift. In fact, 40% of women would prefer to make their own decisions with a gift voucher; 18% wanted to see some jewellery wrapped up under the tree; 17% were hoping to get perfume; 12% would like to get their house up to scratch with home interior related pieces; and only 9% chose food and alcohol.

ugly knickersPicture: Source

Jim Maitland from Into The Blue stepped up to comment on the findings of the survey, saying:

“It looks like when it comes to gift giving, underwear for both sexes probably wouldn’t be the most appreciated. Men would prefer to be bought gadgets whilst women would prefer to have gift vouchers. Luckily that means no running around trying to buy the correct sized underwear for your loved one.”

He added:

“We have found that many people appreciate gifts that have taken some thought and consideration, especially something the recipient may not have considered themselves. It can be so easy to get it wrong, especially when buying underwear for a loved one, that it’s probably easier to opt for something else.”

huge pantiesPicture: Source

Some Twitter users got in touch with Into the Blue to tell them the worst gifts they’d ever received, and while some were a just off…

“I got what looked like a Santa decoration made for a toilet roll in eighth grade from a school friend. It was odd.” (@CittieBlogs)

Others were very stereotypically ‘Christmassy’…

“Coal!” (@KUWCoco)

Some had other halves that got a little confused…

“I asked for a specific pair of knee high boots from my ex & gave him product reference/size etc. I got a microwave.” (@LilliesandLove)

“My ex bought me AND HIS EX (his son’s mother) the same Lush gift & gross perfume!” (@TeaCupCocktails)

There were the downright offensive…

“An epilator from my stepdad’s parents because “your mum said you have a bit of trouble with your top lip.” I was mortified!” (@BeckyBedbug)

And the dangerous…

“A lovely almond scented shower/moisturiser etc. gift set…I’m allergic to almond oil based cosmetics.” (@DanceFlowLift)

And the overwhelming response, as we’ve already concluded, was that no one wants underwear for Christmas!

“Underwear (wrong size), “celebrity” perfume and a knitted loo roll cover, all from one relative. Straight to the charity shop!” (@BennoLikes)



Image courtesy of Kit.


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