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Three Czech players sent off by drunken ref for no reason


The three players from Jestrabi Lhota were sent off by a drunken ref for no reason at all. The ref had to be breathalysed by Police after causing calamity during the game which also included rolling around on the floor quite a lot of the time.

Apparently the ref Tomas Fidra had been celebrating his birthday before the game and reportedly ‘smelt like a brewery’.  He spent the first few minutes of the game stumbling around the pitch before deciding to send off three Jestrabi Lhota players for no reason.

After spending much of the early minutes of the match stumbling around the pitch and falling over, the official then decided to send off three Jestrabi Lhota players for no reason.

An official from the Jestrabi Lhota club Karel Dusek told the Lidove Noviny newspaper that the boozed-up referee ‘didn’t try to hide that he had been celebrating’. He said that undercurrent rules there is nothing that bans a drunken referee from taking charge of a fixture which is why the game continued even though one team only had eight players.

In the end the game finished 1-1, the opposition, Tynec-nad-Labem, agreed not to attack their opponents after the bizarre dismissals by the drunken ref.
‘If we had refused to continue to play, we could have been sanctioned,’ Mr Dusek added.

However after all that the regional football authority annulled the game on the basis of fair play. The drunken ref who had a 1.94 per cent alcohol level in his blood is now facing a possible 12-month suspension for his actions.

Picture courtesy of HeadCRasher


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