Fake Barbie with removable hair you can shave goes on sale for £20

Story from Jam Press (Hairy Fake Barbie) Pictured: The bizarre doll, who is in dire need of a trim, even comes with its own razor blade.

A homemade doll called “Shave and Play Borbie”, covered in thick brown fuzz that can be shaved off, is now available for £20 on Etsy. The bizarre doll comes with its own disposable razor blade, despite being intended for children aged 3 and over. The doll is available in a range of styles with various outfits, hair colours, and styles. The popular gift is so in demand that only seven remain in stock. The seller notes that the razor is a real one, so it must be kept away from children, and is intended as an adult gag gift only. The doll has received hundreds of reviews and is hailed as a hilarious toy. Customers have described it as “terrific”, “hilarious”, and “a monstrosity”.

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