Former brothel run by a famous ‘madam’ for two decades now available for stays

Story from Jam Press (Saucy Bed And Breakfast) Pictured: The Shady Lady Bed and Breakfast.

A photographer has taken striking photographs of an unassuming bed and breakfast that at first appears to be an innocent family-friendly venue, but secretly has a very intriguing history. The Shady Lady Bed & Breakfast, located around 150 miles outside of Las Vegas, was an award-winning brothel serving customers for 22 years, after opening in 1992. The brothel, which was the closest lodging to the northeastern entry road at Death Valley National Park, had plenty of patrons including overnight visits from truckers needing a place to rest their heads. At the time, it was run by the owner and madam Bobbi Davis, who became famous for hiring male sex workers.

Although the venue was sold in 2014, it has since had a happy ending. Initially, the property was converted into a bed and breakfast by a new owner, but with poor success, it was sold to current owners, Jennifer and Nigel White, who renovated it and now run a highly successful family-friendly bed and breakfast. Shaun, a professional photographer who enjoys exploring unusual or abandoned places, visited the bed and breakfast to capture the intriguing history of the buildings.

In his photos, Shaun showcases leftover details from the former brothel including the original signage for its Brothel of The Year Award, won in 2002. Jennifer and Nigel have paid homage to the property’s unique past by creating themed rooms. Shaun took images of these rooms including one with Asian influences with tiger paintings, a Buddha lamp and Geisha figures, a Victorian room with tasteful nudes, and ‘The Dungeon’ – complete with mirrored walls and a heart-shaped jacuzzi. The latter is supposedly a family favourite.

Shaun also photographed peacocks and peahens, which were previously owned by Madam Bobbi Davis, roaming the property. An aerial shot reveals the multitude of buildings in the complex, including the ‘c***krill’ building where the sex workers stayed. Although the venue’s past is intriguing, it is now a family-friendly bed and breakfast with a unique history that is being preserved and celebrated.