LadBaby criticised for hypocrisy after throwing cake in the air while supporting food banks

Story from Jam Press (Food Bank Hypocrite) Pictured: LadBaby aka Mark Doyle.

Mark Doyle, known as LadBaby, has been accused of hypocrisy for supporting food banks while throwing a cake in his kitchen. The YouTuber and his wife Roxanne purchased a birthday cake and bottle of fizz to celebrate the success of their podcast, but then dared each other to throw the cake in the air and catch it. While LadBaby succeeded, his wife dropped the £16.49 cake.

The couple has spent the past few years releasing Christmas singles in an effort to raise awareness of food banks. Last year, they partnered with Martin Lewis to raise money for Food Aid, and LadBaby raised money for The Trussell Trust food banks with his 2021 hit Sausage Rolls for Everyone. The song featured stars Ed Sheeran and Elton John.

Fans criticized the couple’s celebration of their podcast reaching number one in the charts, calling it hypocritical. One fan commented, “So they do food banks but they are chucking food about. Wicked.” Another fan, Lee Griffin, described their reaction as “over the top.”

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