‘Meet Gus – The Dog with an Uncanny Resemblance to Freddie Mercury’

Story from Jam Press (Freddie Mercury Dog)Pictured: Malika and Gus. ‘He is the Freddie Mercury of dogs’: Pooch goes viral with uncanny resemblance to iconic singer

A dog named Gus has become an internet sensation and has been dubbed the “Freddie Mercury of dogs” for his striking resemblance to the iconic singer. The rat terrier was the runt of the litter when Malika, an engineering technician from Vancouver, Canada, adopted him. However, his bold features, including his protruding front teeth, soon made him stand out.

Malika has been sharing Gus’s adventures on Instagram, and one video of him grinning and wagging his tail has amassed over 2.7 million views and more than 241,700 likes. The video’s caption reads: “I’m just beautiful.”

According to Malika, she often hears that Gus looks like Freddie Mercury, with his small, spiky teeth and top row sticking out like the late singer’s did. “He can’t sing like him, but he can cry and whine,” she joked.

Many of Malika’s followers have confirmed Gus’s doppelgänger looks, with one person saying, “I feel like he is the Freddie Mercury of dogs.” Another commenter even suggested dressing Gus up like the singer.

Malika describes Gus as shy, calm, and gentle, unlike the outgoing and wild Freddie Mercury. She says that Gus enjoys running around outside and laying in the sun. Despite his popularity, Malika is still surprised at how many people love him and how quickly he became an internet sensation.

While Freddie Mercury passed away in 1991, Malika believes that little Gus is carrying on his legacy – both for humans and the dog community. As Malika says, “He is definitely one-of-a-kind.”