Police Officer Wrangles Five-Foot Boa Constrictor Using Bare Hands

Jam Press

In a daring act, a police officer in Clearwater, Florida, was caught on camera wrangling a “slippery suspect” – a five-foot-long boa constrictor – using only her hands.

The astonishing footage shows Officer Matheny coaxing the reptile out from behind the window of a local business’s storeroom. With remarkable composure, she skillfully untangles the formidable creature and then safely places it inside a cooler.

Following the incident, the snake was promptly taken to a nearby veterinarian for health checks.

The Clearwater Police Department shared the video online, stating, “Wrangling a different kind of slithery suspect. Officer Matheny had to put her hands on this rascally reptile to bring it under control this morning at a business in the 1800 block of Drew Street. The 5-foot-long red tail boa was taken – safely inside a cooler – to a local vet to be checked out.”

Officer Matheny’s brave actions in apprehending the boa constrictor demonstrate her resourcefulness and commitment to ensuring the safety of the community.

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