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3D printing technology allows damaged corpses to have new faces

Death of a loved one can be a distressing time, even more so should they have been involved in an accident which damaged their facial features, this makes viewing the body difficult for relatives. Previously technicians in funeral parlours have been able to mend corpses, in China with wax, but now a new technique is available to them.

One funeral home in Shanghai is using a ground breaking technique, a 3D printer to recreate the faces of damaged corpses for burial. By using this new technique, it is possible to restore facial features to their previous state if they if they sustained it in an accident. It is also possible for people to be made to look younger than they were in life, even more attractive.

Examples of some of the things that can be 3D printed are noses; this is just one of the shapes which have been shown at the Longhua funeral home, by the 3D printer which works by producing layers of material in any shape or size required.

The technicians use information from a picture of how the person looked in life, the similarity can be as high as 95 %, according to Chinese state media. As the director of the funeral service pointed out, nobody wants to see incomplete faces or bodies of their loved ones when viewing, something that make up cannot always achieve.

We understand that recreating a face would apparently cost around £437 to £546.




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