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Shocking Times brings you the very latest in Shocking News Worldwide. Headlines that will make your jaw drop are all here. If it’s crazy, weird, bizarre, scandalous, outrageous, deplorable and out of this world you can be sure the team here will cover it.


Editor – Hannah

As a freelance writer from Ripon Hannah is always on top of the news. If you’re looking for the most shocking story out there then Editor Hannah will have found it. No story is too shocking and nothing is off limits, from cannibalism stories to grisly murder. Weird sex accidents to bestiality if it is shocking she will have found it.


Stewart Corlett is a freelance writer from Ripon, North Yorkshire with over 5 years of journalistic experience. Specialising in UK News and Sport, Stewart brings you the top stories from politics to the latest transfer news. He also enjoys writing fluff pieces, so if you see a cute cat on a skateboard or a dog kissing a baby then that’s probably him.


As a Yorkshire man, Rick who has over 20 years of writing experience knows how and where to find a good world news story without it costing the earth! If an interesting story is to be found, Rick will find it from the deepest darkest depths from around the world. His Globetrotting experiences come in handy and knows people all over the world.


With 2 years writing experience Laura is the latest addition to the Shocking Times team, with a varied and interesting career history, Laura thought she had seen it all… she was wrong! Her interests are as varied as the news stories she covers and she particularly enjoys discovering a new OMG story.

Got a story?

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