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Baby girl dies after being placed in a washing machine

Baby girl dies after being placed in a washing machine

A mother suspected of being addicted to crystal meth put her ten day old daughter in a washing machine with other washing and placed it on a spin cycle, the baby girl went through most of the spin cycle after been discovered after 40 minutes by a relative. Mother Lyndsey Fiddler is thought to have mistakenly put her daughter in the machine whilst on drugs, her aunt, Rhonda Coshatt made the discovery after going round to check on Fiddler, who also has two other children.

When Coshatt entered the home she found Fiddler asleep, she had trouble waking her before realising the baby called Maggie May missing, when she heard a strange noise coming from the washing machine she went to investigate, opening up the top loading lid and switching it off she made the grim discovery.

In a frantic call to emergency dispatchers 26-year-old Fiddler is heard saying:”My baby is dead.” She was then heard arguing with Rhonda Coshatt who is heard on the call saying: “No I did not kill your baby, you did.”

Many of the emergency crews and police who responded to the incident were left in tears at the incident in Bartlesville, Oklahoma where they found the dead baby still inside the washing machine. A veteran police chief who attended the scene said it was the most tragic crime scene he has ever investigated, even after he had witnessed multiple murders and gangland shootings.

Lyndsey Fiddler was initially arrested on drugs charges then after an investigation revealed that the baby girl had gone through a full-spin cycle before she was discovered, Fiddler was then charged with second degree manslaughter. She has also previously been arrested in April for taking drugs when she was four months pregnant as well as a long criminal history with arrests for assault, driving without a license and not having her two older children in car seats. Her relatives had been trying to get her parental rights revoked before the birth of her third child.

Paramedic John Houser, who worked on the baby, said: ‘Terrible. I don’t even know how to describe it.’  A veteran detective taking crime scene photos of the baby at the hospital had to step outside because he was so overcome with emotion. Police chief Holland said: “I can assure you we’re not going to leave any stone unturned.”

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